How long does lsd take to kick in


How long does lsd take to kick in

20 minutes to 2 hours, for real LSD.

High doses often kick in quicker, and experienced users for some reason can detect its onset faster than a novice.

Sometimes, it can take over an hour to feel it. Many, many, MANY trippers make the mistake of dosing, and then when they don’t feel it after 30 minutes or an hour or even more they conclude “meh, this batch must be bunk” and consume even more acid. Then, the first dose’s effects begin; this inevitably leads to an uncomfortably intense trip for some people (others may handle it quite well and even enjoy it).

If it takes longer than 2 hours to feel, then the substance ingested probably wasn’t actually LSD. The DO(x) family comes to mind—some of those drugs take over 3 hours to kick in, lasting for 18 or more hours! Sure, they produce psychedelic effects, yet their speedy undertone and incredible duration tend to get them less-than 5 star reviews by users.


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